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Spring 2019: Limerick, Ireland
January 14, 2019 - May 15, 2019
This program is closed. Please contact the faculty director for more information.

University of Limerick
Interest Meetings:
03/01/2018 4:00 PM - 5:00 PMClayton Hall Conference Room 213
09/06/2018 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM213 Clayton Hall
Orientation Meetings - attend ALL of the following:
10/18/2018 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM213 Clayton Hall
11/01/2018 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM213 Clayton Hall
11/29/2018 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM213 Clayton Hall
Program Notes
We will add courses as they are approved.
Program Description
Study at Ireland’s University of the Year for 2015 as selected by the Sunday Times Good University Guide. The University of Limerick (UL) Ireland, established in 1972, is an independent, internationally-focused university with over 13,000 students and 1,400 staff. It is a young, energetic and enterprising university with a proud record of innovation in education and excellence in research and scholarship. The University is situated on a superb riverside campus of over 133 hectares with the River Shannon as a unifying focal point. Outstanding recreational, cultural and sporting facilities further enhance this exceptional learning and working environment. The University of Limerick campus is located in the Midwest region of Ireland and is 5km from Limerick City and 20km from Shannon International Airport, servicing direct flights to and from the United States.

Limerick, capital of the country’s mid-west region, is one of Ireland’s most culturally diverse and inclusive cities. It is a bustling and vibrant city noted for its shopping, dining, entertainment, cultural and historical significance and contributions to the arts. Home to more than 200,000 people, of whom almost 50% are under the age of 30,Limerick is a fast-moving and cosmopolitan city in which to live and study.

Study abroad students have free access to the University Arena, which includes a 50-meter swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, an indoor running track and a wide variety of fitness classes. With over 60 clubs and organizations to choose from, students can learn new sports such as archery, diving, windsurfing and much more, or share their interest in photography, drama, traditional music or politics, for example. Study abroad students also have access to the university’s support centres which operate on a free, drop-in basis and include the Math Learning Centre, Science Learning Centre, Writing Centre and Information & Communications Technology Centre.

Community Engagement: Students have the opportunity to volunteer in the local community, the best way to get to know the Irish.

The Program Fee includes on-campus housing in 6- or 8-bed apartments with internet access, airport pick-up in Limerick on the designated arrival date, all program-related activities and excursions, and international medical insurance. Students will need to budget for meals, laundry, cellphone, bed linens for the apartments, books, Garda National Immigration Fee (currently estimated at €300), and other personal expenses. Students are required to have a cellphone capable of making local calls in Ireland and of sending and receiving text messages in Ireland.

The Program Fee does NOT include airfare to/from Ireland, nor does it include airport transfers in the United States. The program officially begins when students arrive in Limerick. Students will receive detailed travel instructions after acceptance, explaining how and where to purchase their plane ticket. See the Cost section below for estimate airfare. For this program, students will be given recommended flight itineraries for traveling together.
ACCESSIBILITY: Participants with disabilities should know that accessibility and accommodation in some program locations may differ from the United States. Transit systems and legacy building construction practices may not meet U.S. accessibility standards, and alternative access to public transportation, buildings, or public sites cannot be guaranteed. But UD students with disabilities are welcome and encouraged to study abroad. Review these questions with the Office of Disability Support Services to determine whether this program can meet your accommodation needs.
Program Courses
Students must enroll in all credit-bearing courses for a grade. Only the UNIV (zero credit) course may be taken pass/fail. Audit registration is not permitted on UD Travel Study. Please refer to the University Catalog to verify requirements and prerequisites
All students must enroll in at least 12 credits, as well as the 0-credit UNIV course.
Please note: Courses offered are subject to change as the host institution's scheduling may change.

Courses will be added as they are approved by UD academic departments. We hope to offer a range of courses in the humanities, business, health sciences, science and engineering.

Students take a maximum of 15 credits on the program.
BUAD 301-072: Introduction to Marketing (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: MK4002 Marketing
Management of the marketing functions, marketing research, product planning, distribution channels, pricing, personal selling, and advertising. Emphasis on consumer and industrial markets.
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Social Science Breadth
Arts and Sciences - Group C
Restrictions: Requires sophomore status.
BUAD 309-072: Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PM4022 Principles of Organisational Behaviour
Examines individual, group, and organizational determinants of work behavior in organizations. Theory and concepts relevant to individual differences, attitudes, motivation, teams, leadership, power, and organizational culture and change are discussed with an emphasis on applying this knowledge to the challenges of management in a variety of organizations.
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Social Science Breadth
Arts and Sciences - Group C
Restrictions: Requires sophomore status.
BUAD 447: Data Analysis and Quality Control (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PT4022 Introduction to Quality Management
The new technology for quality and productivity. Emphasis on actual implementation of total quality management in general and statistical process control in particular.
Restrictions: BUAD306. COREQ: BUAD446.
ECON 103-071: Introduction to Macroeconomics (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: EC4102 Macroeconomics
Analyzes the determinants of unemployment, inflation, national income and policy issues relating to how the government alters unemployment and inflation through government spending, taxes and the money supply.
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Social Science Breadth
Arts and Sciences - Group C
Restrictions: ECON 101
ECON 340-071: International Economics (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: EC4014 International Economics
Theory, problems and policy in international trade and finance with emphasis on developments since World War II.
Prerequisite: ECON101 and ECON103
ENGL 318-070: Studies in Film (3 credits)
Special topics such as film genres, major directors and Soviet cinema
Prerequisite: ENGL 110
Restrictions: May be taken up to three times when topics vary.
ENGL 325: Renaissance Literature (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: EH4002 Critical Practice 2 - Renaissance Literature
Survey of varied literature written in England during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, from the age of the Reformation through the English Civil Wars. For example, selected works of Wyatt, Sidney, Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Jonson, Webster, Herbert, Vaughan, Marvell and Milton.
Prerequisite: ENGL110.
ENGL 351-070: Studies in Irish Literature (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: EH4036 Irish Literature 1930-1990
Studies of Irish literature from the earliest times to the present day. Content varies by expertise of instructor.
Prerequisite: ENGL110.
Restrictions: May be taken up to three times when topics vary.
HIST 267-070: Early Modern Ireland (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: HI4081 Early Modern Ireland
To provide a survey of late sixteenth, seventeenth, and early eighteenth-century Ireland. Covers the Anglo-Irish and Gaelic lordships, Tudor Reform and Reformation, the Tudor conquest (1579-1603); British settlement in Ireland; The crisis in the three kingdoms and the 1641 rising; The Catholic Confederates, Cromwellian reconquest and settlement; demographic and social trends in Restoration Ireland; `The War of the Three Kings 1685-91; Patriotism and the Irish parliament.
HIST 267-071: Europe: Society and Governance 1890 - 1990 (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: HI4082 Europe: Society and Governance; 1890-1990
Examines significant political, social and cultural aspects of modern life in Europe. This course will, therefore, probe some of the key social and cultural transformations of the twentieth century, and discuss the key political issues and events that have defined that period.
HIST 267-072: Ireland: Revolution and Independence 1898 - 1968 (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: HI4102 Ireland: Revolution and Independence, 1898-1968
This course charts the history of how Ireland emerged from the British Empire in the years following 1898. The course is divided into lecture themes which address a wide range of important topics. These include the impact of the Boer War on Ireland, resurgance of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, rise of Sinn Fein, Larkin and the Union Movement, Connolly and Irish Socialism, 1916 Rising, War of Independence, Civil War and Partition, Ireland during and after the Second World War, the declaration of the Republic, Civil Rights and the origins of the modern 'Troubles'.
HIST 267-073: Warfare and Diplomacy: Europe in the 17th Century (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: HI4132 Warfare and Diplomacy: Europe in the Seventeenth Century
Overview of the political, social and economic history of continental Europe during the seventeenth century. The Thirty Years War and the military revolution; mercenaries and siege warfare; developments in congress diplomacy at Westphalia, the Pyrenees, Nijmegen and Utrecht-Rastatt; the structure of state building - Cardinal Richelieu and fiscal terrorism; rebellion, civil war and Frondes - the general crisis of the mid-seventeenth century; Dutch economic primacy and world trade; credit systems, deficit-finance, the development of state-funded debt and the stock exchange; the emergence of capital cities - Madrid, Vienna and Turin; court society and the world of the minister-favourite; the decline of Spain; France in the age of Louis XIV; the emergence of absolutist states from the 1660s; aristocratic constitutionalism in Sweden, Denmark and Poland-Lithuania; Austrian expansion into the Hungarian plain; the partition of the Spanish Monarchy in 1713-14.
KAAP 220-070: Anatomy and Physiology (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PY4112 Physiology and Anatomy and Pedagogy of HRA
Structure and function of human body: skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, digestive and urinary systems. Foundation course for all areas of physical education and athletics.
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Math/Science Breadth
Restrictions: Students may not receive credit for KAAP220 if taken after completion of KAAP309.
PHIL 202-070: Contemporary Moral Problems (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PO4062 Contemporary Moral Issues
The application of philosophical techniques to contemporary moral problems such as abortion, punishment, biomedical ethics, reverse discrimination and sexual morality.
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Arts/Humanities Breadth
Arts and Sciences - Group A
POSC 300-070: Research Methods for Political Science (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PO4102 Methods and Research in Political Science
Introduction to research methods including research design and data analysis.
POSC 309-073: Political Culture by Country: Limerick, Ireland (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PO4118 Ireland and EU Membership: Adapting Politics, Policy and Polity
Introduction to the political and civic cultures underpinning and supporting different political systems. Topics may vary depending on host country.
Satisfies the following requirements:
Arts and Sciences - Group B
POSC 339-071: European Union (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PO4015 The Government and Politics of the European Union
The European Union is an economic and political union that binds together twenty-seven European countries. This course provides an overview of the history, institutions, policies and controversies surrounding the European Union.
POSC 409-070: Topics in World Politics (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PO4013 Government and Politics in Ireland
Topics in world politics. Topics will vary.
Satisfies the following requirements:
Global Studies Minor
Restrictions: May be taken twice for credit when topics vary.
POSC 433-070: African Politics (3 credits)
Satisfies the following requirements:
POSC 438-070: Topics in Political Theory: Modern European Political Thought (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PO4022 Modern European Political Thought
Focuses on selected topics in political theory. Topics vary by instructor. Topic: Modern European Political Thought.
POSC 438-071: Topics in Political Theory: Multiculturalism and Political Theory (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PO4108 Multiculturalism and Political Theory
Focuses on selected topics in political theory. Topics vary by instructor. Topic: Multiculturalism and Political Theory.
POSC 458: Post-Soviet Union (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PO4032 Russian Politics
Examines the political history, politics and economy of contemporary Russia. Topics include why the Soviet Union broke up, how Putin dominated the nominally democratic Russian political system, Russian political culture and ethnic diversity, Russia's economic problems, and its foreign policy.
SOCI 201-070: Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: SO4032 Introduction to Sociology
An overview of the sociological perspective of the study of society, social organization and social institutions with special emphasis on the social causes and consequences of human behavior.
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Social Science Breadth
SOCI 213-070: Men and Women in American Society (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: SO4002 Gender: Sociological Perspectives
Designed to provide students with a sociological framework for analyzing sex and gender relations in contemporary American society. Topics include the social construction of gender, patterns of sex-role socialization, gender stratification in the paid work force, gender relations in the family and other social institutions. Crosslisted with WOMS213.
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Social Science Breadth
Arts and Sciences - Group C
SOCI 305-070: Social Class and Inequality (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: SOC4078 Inequality and Social Exclusion
This course investigates the social structural hierarchical positions groups hold relative to the economic, political, social, and cultural resources of the society.
Prerequisite: SOCI 201
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Social Science Breadth
SOCI 311: Sociology of Health and Illness (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: SN4202 The Sociology of Health & Illness
Overview of the many contributions medical sociologists have made to our understanding of the determinants of health, the organization and implications of medical care, the roles of doctors and patients, and the intersections between social change in society and in medicine.
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Social Science Breadth
Arts and Sciences - Group C
UNIV 373-027: Study Abroad - Limerick, Ireland (0 credits) pass/fail
Students are asked to reflect upon changes in their knowledge, skills, and attitudes that occur due to their study abroad experience and are required to complete a brief post-program assessment of these changes.
Satisfies the following requirements:
Discovery Learning
WOMS 213-070: Men and Women in American Society (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: SO4002 Gender: Sociological Perspectives
Crosslisted with SOCI213
Satisfies the following requirements:
University Social Science Breadth
Arts and Sciences - Group C
The Semester in Limerick, Ireland is designed for undergraduate students regardless of major. Full-time enrollment status (12 or more credits) during the program is also required. A minimum 2.900 grade point average (on a 4.00 scale) is required.
For all participants, a formal application is necessary, including at least one recommendation. An interview may be conducted in person or by telephone.

A transcript is required from Non-UD applicants only. Non-UD students, please send a copy of your official transcript to: IGS, Clayton Hall, 100 David Hollowell Drive, Newark, DE 19716 USA.

Study abroad at the University of Delaware is highly competitive. Please review the study abroad acceptance process. If you are not selected for your first choice program, we encourage you to apply to another program.
How much does it cost?.
  • University of Delaware Tuition/Fees for one Spring Semester
  • Travel Study Program Fee
    • Usually covers: housing, all program-related excursions and some meals (check with the program's faculty director for details).
    • Does NOT cover: airfare to/from the program site and ground transportation to/from the U.S. departure airport. For planning purposes only, we estimate roundtrip airfare to be approximately $1,400.00.
  • Plan ahead for how to pay for travel study, and make sure you understand the costs associated with your program.
When and how do I pay?
If you are offered acceptance to the program, you will have 3 days to withdraw without financial penalty. After the 3 days have passed, you will be officially accepted to the program, and IGS will post the full Program Fee and Tuition/Fees to your UD student account.
  • An initial payment of $1000.00 will be due in mid-October.
  • The balance of the Program Fee and Tuition/Fees will be due in early January.
  • Payments are submitted through My Finances in UDSIS.
  • All charges, once posted to your account, are considered non-refundable.
Other important things to note:
  • Program Fees are subject to change until the group's departure date. Final Program Fees may increase due to unforeseen local cost increases, fluctuations in exchange rates, or changes in the group size.
  • IGS reserves the right to cancel a program at any time due to under-enrollment, safety/health/security issues, staffing issues, or any other relevant reason. If your program is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of all Program Fees paid.
Delaware ResidentNon-Delaware Resident
Final Tuition based on current year$6,125.00$16,440.00
Final Program Fee$5,150.00$5,150.00
UD Registration & Activities Fee$0.00$0.00
Total to be charged to UD account (final)$11,275.00$21,590.00
Plus Airfare Estimate (purchased separately)$1,400.00$1,400.00
The rates above may not apply to you if you are a UD graduate student during the time you are studying abroad. Please refer to for the appropriate rates.
The University of Delaware’s differential charge for Engineering, Nursing and Business & Economics students does not apply to winter or summer session and is waived for students enrolled in semester- or year-long study abroad and exchange programs sponsored by the University.
Financial need-based scholarships are available to UD undergraduates on a competitive basis. To be considered, students must have a current FAFSA on-file with Student Financial Services. For more details, please see our scholarships page.
All charges, once posted to your account, are considered non-refundable. Payments are submitted through My Finances in UDSIS.
Submit Program Application by 5pm onSeptember 20, 2018
Acceptance and Scholarship AnnouncedSeptember 26, 2018
$1,000.00 Initial Payment Due *mid-October
Program Fee Balance, Tuition and Fees Dueearly January
*All students will receive an email when they are accepted to a program and will have 10 days from that notification to make their $1,000.00 Initial Payment.
Marie Gleason
Study Abroad Coordinator
Clayton Hall, 100 David Hollowell Drive, Newark, DE, 19716
File Downloads
Course Equivalencies

Program information is subject to change at any time. Please check this web site periodically for updates.