Program Information
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Summer 2021: *Virtual International Internship - FASH
June 07, 2021 - July 31, 2021 (dates are tentative)
This program is closed. Please contact the faculty director for more information.

Interest Meetings:
09/09/2020 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Mtg ID 924 9900 447live chat with representative of Global Academic Ventures
09/09/2020 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, MtgID 924 9900 447live chat with represntative of Global Academic Ventures
10/07/2020 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM with faculty director and representative from Global Academic Ventures
11/23/2020 6:00 PM - 7:00 PMzoom:
12/01/2020 5:00 PM - 6:00 PMzoom:
Program Notes
Once you have completed the online application, students are required to e-mail Dr. Hye-Shin Kim ( the following:
  • Resume (please attach evidence that your resume has been reviewed by the University Career Services Center)
  • University transcript (unofficial transcript is accepted)
  • One-page cover letter to potential employers describing your skill sets and type of work placement that meets your interest (e.g., textiles and raw materials, marketing, retail, product development, sourcing, etc.). The letter must be thoroughly proof-read and error free
After all paperwork has been received, the faculty director will contact you to schedule an interview. As part of the interview process, the faculty director will assess your preparedness with various questions including the following:
  • Why do you want to participate in a virtual internship?
  • What types of experiences do you expect to gain that are different than working for a company in the United States?
  • What particular skills are you able to bring to your work team?
  • What is your comfort level with working on a completely remote team-based project?

International Students: Please contact International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) ( before applying in order to discuss your eligibility to participate in the Virtual International Internship Program. International students who plan on working in the U.S., even for a company that is overseas, will need to consult with an International Student Advisor on whether work authorization such as Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is required to maintain your visa status.
Program Description
An 8-week fashion virtual internship in one of Asia's Fashion Centers, Singapore or Hong Kong. This internship is an unpaid training position that allows you to gain hands-on experience in a multinational workplace environment. The internship will provide you practical experience to enhance your on-campus learning.

Drawing on their extensive network of partner organizations, Global Academic Ventures (GAV) will place students in some of Singapore or Hong Kong's well known multinational corporations. The primary goal of this program is to enhance student learning through firsthand knowledge of the global apparel business environment in Asia. Students will meet periodically in real time with their internship supervisors to receive assignments and feedback. Through the internship course, students will be able to broaden their understanding of the international fashion business environment and apply their knowledge within a field experience setting. Instructors will provide one-on-one guidance through initial meetings on campus in Newark and via e-mail, Zoom, and Canvas.

Preference will be given to students majoring in Fashion and Apparel Studies with a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in the fashion industry after graduation. However, applications from non-fashion majors with business background are welcome. If you have questions about your qualifications for this program, please contact the Faculty Director.

The program fee includes placement in a major-appropriate internship based on the student’s qualifications, experience, and interest; an online orientation in May, and ongoing academic support by the faculty member during the course of the internship experience.

The program fee does not include UD summer session tuition; see costs below. In addition, participants are responsible for maintaining reliable internet connections and for being available for periodic meetings with their supervisors. Given the time differences, these meetings fwill likely be in the evenings (on the U.S East Coast).

Acceptance and scholarship decisions announced March 5.
ACCESSIBILITY: Students with disabilities are welcomed and encouraged to study abroad, but should be aware that accessibility and accommodation in some program locations may differ from the United States. Transit systems and legacy building construction practices may not meet U.S. accessibility standards, and alternative access to public transportation, buildings, or public sites cannot be guaranteed. Review these questions with the Office of Disability Support Services to determine whether this program can meet your accommodation needs.
Program Courses
Honors credit may be available. Check with the faculty director and the Honors program for approval (check before departure).
FASH 320: Fashion and Apparel Internship: (3 credits)

This course is an off-campus supervised and coordinated field study program in the fashion and related industries in Singapore, taught online. The primary goal of this course is to enhance student learning through gain firsthand knowledge of the Singapore global apparel business environment. Through this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how business practices differ in a non-U.S. business environment

  • Understand how strategies differ when competing in different countries

  • Apply knowledge, diverse cultural frames of reference, and alternate perspectives to solve open-ended problems related to business activities

  • Practice sensitivity, adaptability, and flexibility in international settings

  • Display ability to work cooperatively and in a team with diverse people

  • Communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and in international settings.

In addition to attending pre-departure meetings, students will be required to develop a short company/culture report, develop a reflective summary paper, and submit a blog/social media document showcasing their internship experience.

Restrictions: Requires permission of instructor.
UNIV 367-075: Seminar - FASH Virtual International Internship (0 credits) pass/fail
Students are asked to reflect upon changes in their knowledge, skills, and attitudes that occur due to their experience abroad.
Applicants should have a G.P.A. of at least 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale). Any judicial violations must be described and explained in detail during the interview. Failure to disclose judicial violations is grounds for dismissal from the program.

Please see program-specific requirements in Notes section above.
How much does it cost?.
  • University of Delaware Tuition/Fees for one Summer Session
  • Travel Study Program Fee
    • Usually covers: housing, all program-related excursions and some meals (check with the program's faculty director for details).
    • Does NOT cover: airfare to/from the program site and ground transportation to/from the U.S. departure airport. For planning purposes only, we estimate roundtrip airfare to be approximately $(TBD).
  • Plan ahead for how to pay for travel study, and make sure you understand the costs associated with your program.
When and how do I pay?
If you are offered acceptance to the program, you will have 3 days to withdraw without financial penalty. After the 3 days have passed, you will be officially accepted to the program, and CGPS will post the full Program Fee and Tuition/Fees to your UD student account.
  • An initial payment of $0.00 will be due in mid-March.
  • The balance of the Program Fee and Tuition/Fees will be due in early June.
  • Payments are submitted through My Finances in UDSIS.
  • All charges, once posted to your account, are considered non-refundable.
Other important things to note:
  • Program Fees are subject to change until the group's departure date. Final Program Fees may increase due to unforeseen local cost increases, fluctuations in exchange rates, or changes in the group size.
  • CGPS reserves the right to cancel a program at any time due to under-enrollment, safety/health/security issues, staffing issues, or any other relevant reason. If your program is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of all Program Fees paid.
Delaware ResidentNon-Delaware Resident
Final Tuition based on current year$1,590.00$1,884.00
Final Program Fee$950.00$950.00
UD Registration & Activities Fee$45.00$45.00
Total to be charged to UD account (final)$2,585.00$2,879.00
Plus Airfare Estimate (purchased separately)$(TBD)$(TBD)
The rates above may not apply to you if you are a UD graduate student during the time you are studying abroad. Please refer to for the appropriate rates.
The University of Delaware’s differential charge for Engineering, Nursing and Business & Economics students does not apply to winter or summer session and is waived for students enrolled in semester- or year-long study abroad and exchange programs sponsored by the University.

NOTE: Applicants to this program are eligible to apply for the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies’ Mejean Family Student Experience Scholarship. For more information please contact the program's faculty director, Hye-Shin Kim.

NOTE: Full-time undergraduate students taking at least 12 credits in the fall 2020 semester may take up to an additional six credits this academic year during the winter and/or summer 2021 sessions at no additional tuition charge. The maximum number of course credits spread across the fall semester and winter and/or summer sessions covered by this provision is 18. If a student takes 12 credits in fall, they will have 6 tuition-free credits left to use in winter and/or summer. If they take 13 credits in the fall, they will have 5 tuition-free credits left to use, and so on. Students will be charged tuition in winter and/or summer for any credits exceeding 18. For full details, please visit the UD Return to Fall website.
Financial need-based scholarships are available to UD undergraduates on a competitive basis. To be considered, students must have a current FAFSA on-file with Student Financial Services. For more details, please see our scholarships page.
All charges, once posted to your account, are considered non-refundable. Payments are submitted through My Finances in UDSIS.
Submit Program Application by 5pm onFebruary 20, 2021
Acceptance and Scholarship AnnouncedTBD
$0.00 Initial Payment Due *mid-March
Program Fee Balance, Tuition and Fees Dueearly June
*All students will receive an email when they are accepted to a program and will have 10 days from that notification to make their $0.00 Initial Payment.
Hye-Shin Kim
Faculty Director
Fashion and Apparel Studies
211 Allison Hall West

Program information is subject to change at any time. Please check this web site periodically for updates.