Program Information
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Winter 2023: Australia HSBM
January 04, 2023 - February 02, 2023
This program is closed. Please contact the faculty director for more information.

Interest Meetings:
04/26/2022 3:00 PM - 4:00 PMVita Nova Demonstration Kitchen, 2nd Floor, Trabant University Center
05/02/2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PMVita Nova Demonstration Kitchen, 2nd Floor, Trabant University Center
09/12/2022 1:00 PM - 2:00 PMVita Nova Demonstration Kitchen, Trabant 208
Orientation Meetings - attend ALL of the following:
10/17/2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PMVita Nova
11/15/2022 4:00 PM - 5:00 PMVita Nova
12/09/2022 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM221 One South Main St.
Program Notes
This program is highly competitive and will accept only a limited number of applicants. Interview appointments and acceptance decisions are at the discretion of the faculty director.
This program's deadline has been changed to 12/12/2022.

Please review the CGPS COVID-19 Updates page before applying to a study abroad program.

All applicants must have a valid passport by the program’s application deadline. Your passport’s expiration date must be more than six months after the program ends. If you do not have a current passport, apply through the U.S. State Department. It takes an average of 8-11 weeks (2-3 months) to process a passport.

The University will continue to monitor the ongoing situation with COVID-19 (coronavirus) as we approach the departure date for this program. Please reach out to your program coordinator or faculty director with questions and continue to monitor the UD coronavirus webpage for updates.

If UD decides to cancel a study abroad program, we will communicate directly with affected students. In this case, the University of Delaware will reimburse the cost of program fees and tuition.Traveling and studying abroad during a global pandemic poses new challenges and requires accepting a higher level of uncertainty than in the past. Students who choose to study abroad at this time must be prepared to adapt to the evolving situation and must take responsibility to act in accordance with the rules, regulations, and recommendations of UD, their program leadership, and legal authorities of their home and host country. Due to the rapidly changing and unpredictable global and local response to COVID-19, these rules, regulations and recommendations are subject to change at any time.
Program Description
Spend Winter Session 2023 studying beverage management and International Culture and Cuisine "Down Under" in Sydney. Our program will take us to summer in Sydney's idyllic Manly Beach, Australia where you will learn about the regions' major wine districts and factors that have shaped the Nation’s culture and cuisine.

We will explore the cultures of Australia to underscore the importance of diversity in tourism. During our 30 days in Australia we will travel to the Southern Highlands and Hunter Valley wine regions, the Blue Mountains as well as the Orange and Mudgee wine area to include extensive tastings and education. Other activities include Afternoon Tea, Cricket match, Cooking Classes, Sydney Fish Market, Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, to name a few. With the diverse cultures and lifestyles, our tours of the region present an ideal setting to study the relationship between wines, cuisine, and culture. You will have the opportunity to learn about the customs and foods of Australia's Aboriginals and other cultures on the Pacific Rim.

The Program Fee includes housing, all program-related excursions, some meals and international medical insurance.

The Program Fee does NOT include airfare to/from Australia, nor airport transfers within the U.S. The program officially begins when students arrive in Australia. Students will receive detailed travel instructions after acceptance, explaining how and where to purchase their plane ticket. See the Cost section below for estimate airfare.
ACCESSIBILITY: Students with disabilities are welcomed and encouraged to study abroad, but should be aware that accessibility and accommodation in some program locations may differ from the United States. Transit systems and legacy building construction practices may not meet U.S. accessibility standards, and alternative access to public transportation, buildings, or public sites cannot be guaranteed. Review these questions with the Office of Disability Support Services to determine whether this program can meet your accommodation needs.
Program Courses
Students must enroll in all credit-bearing courses for a grade. Only the UNIV (zero credit) course may be taken pass/fail. Audit registration is not permitted on UD Travel Study. Please refer to the University Catalog to verify requirements and prerequisites
Honors credit may be available. Check with the faculty director and the Honors program for approval (check before departure).
All students must enroll in at least 6 credits, as well as the 0-credit UNIV course.
HOSP 328-070: International Cuisine and Culture (3 credits)
Culture and cuisine are inextricably linked. Food and drink play prominent roles in literature, religion, art and everyday life. Furthermore, regional cuisine is a major tourism draw. This course will focus on the exploration of the foods, beverages, eating practices, health & wellbeing and customs – both today and historically – associated with foods of the different cultures and/or ethnic groups that have become, or are becoming, integral parts of the American culture and how today's foods are a reflection of these many sources. In this exploration, our travels on study abroad and the cultures of Australia. We will focus our learning on the origin and migration of different foods among varied cultural and geographic areas, as well as to appreciate the role that food and beverage has played in the life of multiple cultural groups over time. The economic impact of food production and consumption and the impact of such agricultural economics on the preparation and usage of foods and beverages historically and today, will also be considered.
Satisfies the following requirements:
HOSP 419-070: Advanced Beverage Management (3 credits)
Beverages are a large profit and cost center for hospitality operations and requires proper management attention. Alcoholic beverages are a complex product category with legal and social issues that require special attention from management. The wide range of products, their high costs, and legal concerns associated with serving alcohol call for unique procurement, inventory and issuing systems. This course examines these issues along with an in-depth study of wine, beer, distilled spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. Program Participants will be required to obtain the Delaware Alcohol Seller and Server Certification prior to departing for Australia. Certification can be obtained online.

note: HSBM majors do not need to have completed HOSP 418 to participate in the program.
UNIV 370-030: Study Abroad - Australia HSBM (0 credits) pass/fail
Students are asked to reflect upon changes in their knowledge, skills, and attitudes that occur due to their study abroad experience.
Satisfies the following requirements:
Discovery Learning
Applicants should have a G.P.A. of at least 2.0 (on a 4.00 scale).

Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance, which is based on academic quality and demonstrated ability to contribute to the objectives of the program. Early application is encouraged.
For all participants, a formal application is necessary, including at least one recommendation. An interview may be conducted in person or by telephone.

A transcript is required from Non-UD applicants only. Non-UD students, please email a copy of your official transcript to the Program Coordinator.

Study abroad at the University of Delaware is highly competitive. Please review the study abroad acceptance process. If you are not selected for your first choice program, we encourage you to apply to another program.
How much does it cost?.
  • University of Delaware Tuition/Fees for one Winter Session
  • Travel Study Program Fee
    • Usually covers: housing, all program-related excursions and some meals (check with the program's faculty director for details).
    • Does NOT cover: airfare to/from the program site and ground transportation to/from the U.S. departure airport. For planning purposes only, we estimate roundtrip airfare to be approximately $2,300.00.
  • Plan ahead for how to pay for travel study, and make sure you understand the costs associated with your program.
When and how do I pay?
If you are offered acceptance to the program, you will have 3 days to withdraw without financial penalty. After the 3 days have passed, you will be officially accepted to the program, and CGPS will post the full Program Fee and Tuition/Fees to your UD student account.
  • An initial payment of $1000.00 will be due in mid-October.
  • The balance of the Program Fee and Tuition/Fees will be due in early January.
  • Payments are submitted through My Finances in UDSIS.
  • All charges, once posted to your account, are considered non-refundable.
Other important things to note:
  • Program Fees are subject to change until the group's departure date. Final Program Fees may increase due to unforeseen local cost increases, fluctuations in exchange rates, or changes in the group size.
  • CGPS reserves the right to cancel a program at any time due to under-enrollment, safety/health/security issues, staffing issues, or any other relevant reason. If your program is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of all Program Fees paid.
Delaware ResidentNon-Delaware Resident
Final Tuition based on current year$2,507.00$6,728.00
Final Program Fee$6,500.00$6,500.00
UD Registration & Activities Fee$30.00$30.00
Total to be charged to UD account (final)$9,037.00$13,258.00
Plus Airfare Estimate (purchased separately)$2,300.00$2,300.00
The rates above may not apply to you if you are a UD graduate student during the time you are studying abroad. Please refer to for the appropriate rates.
The University of Delaware’s differential charge for Engineering, Nursing and Business & Economics students does not apply to winter or summer session and is waived for students enrolled in semester- or year-long study abroad and exchange programs sponsored by the University.
Financial need-based scholarships are available to UD undergraduates on a competitive basis. To be considered, students must have a current FAFSA on-file with Student Financial Services. For more details, please see our scholarships page.
All charges, once posted to your account, are considered non-refundable. Payments are submitted through My Finances in UDSIS.
Submit Program Application by 5pm onDecember 12, 2022
Acceptance and Scholarship AnnouncedSeptember 29, 2022
$1,000.00 Initial Payment Due *mid-October
Program Fee Balance, Tuition and Fees Dueearly January
*All students will receive an email when they are accepted to a program and will have 10 days from that notification to make their $1,000.00 Initial Payment.
Please note that this program is highly competitive and will accept only a limited number of applicants.
Brian Miller
Faculty Director
Hospitality Business Management
14 W. Main Street - Raub Hall
Nicholas Waller
Faculty Director
Hospitality Business Management
Trabant University Center - Vita Nova

Program information is subject to change at any time. Please check this web site periodically for updates.