University of Delaware Institute for Global Studies
Fall 2018: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Program Dates July 21, 2018 - November 09, 2018
This program is closed.

Program Overview Participants on the Buenos Aires semester program will experience the rich and varied culture of the cosmopolitan Argentine capital. One of the most influential and populous cities in South America, Buenos Aires is a cultural hub. Stunning architecture, cosmopolitan atmosphere, the latest fashions and trends, intimate side walk cafes, a prized destination for many; it’s no wonder that Buenos Aires is often called the Paris of South America. Buenos Aires abounds with history, culture, diverse neighborhoods and cuisine, and features many beautiful parks including the dynamic Puerto Madero waterfront.
Little Secrets Buenos Aires

The Universidad de Belgrano (UB) will co-host this program. Founded in 1964 and based in the residential district of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, UB has 13 schools offering undergraduate, graduate, continuing and distance education. UB has been a pioneer in many fields and has attracted leading scholars in each academic discipline to its faculty. UB has a student population of over 13,000, 20% of whom are international students representing approximately 40 countries worldwide. The ultra modern campus, in downtown Belgrano, has superb classrooms, libraries, cafeterias and online services. Participants will take classes with other international students as well as American students from other universities. This semester-long study abroad program offers opportunities for more immersive experiences such as community service and projects. Contact the program coordinator for more details about service opportunities.

The Belgrano neighborhood surrounding the university is an upper middle class section of Buenos Aires characterized by tree-lined streets and high-rise apartment buildings. The largest boulevard in the area, Avenida Cabildo, features quaint corner cafes, neighborhood grocery stores, movie theaters and unique specialty shops.

The Institute for Global Studies partners with the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures for the administration of this program.

Examples of past excursions included in this program: weekend trip to Mendoza or Iguazu Falls, Mar del Plata, Tigre River tour, a traditional Argentine ranch, as well as many local tours, day trips, social and cultural events. Excursions are subject to availability and environmental conditions.

Accommodations: students reside with Argentine families in private homes, where breakfast and dinner are provided daily. Bedding and linens are provided. Students will reside in hotels during overnight excursions.

A professional site director will be available to students at all times for assistance with any academic or personal difficulties. The site director also provides a comprehensive orientation and guidance through the visa process.

The Program Fee includes airport pick up on day of arrival in Buenos Aires, housing, breakfast and dinner with the host family, group excursions, local tours and activities, access to all Uni Belgrano services, and a pre-paid metro card. Students should budget an extra $100 for books and supplies, and $100 for laundry.

The Program Fee does not include airfare to or from Argentina, airport transfers within the U.S., nor the departure airport transport in November. UD tuition is NOT included in the program fee, and must be paid separately. The program officially begins when students arrive in Buenos Aires. Students will receive detailed travel instructions after acceptance. Students will be sent recommended flight itineraries for traveling together. See the Cost section below for estimated airfare.

ACCESSIBILITY: Participants with disabilities should know that accessibility and accommodation in some program locations may differ from the United States. Transit systems and legacy building construction practices may not meet U.S. accessibility standards, and alternative access to public transportation, buildings, or public sites cannot be guaranteed. But UD students with disabilities are welcome and encouraged to study abroad. Review these questions with the Office of Disability Support Services to determine whether this program can meet your accommodation needs.

Courses: Students must enroll in all credit-bearing courses for a grade. Only the UNIV (zero credit) course may be taken pass/fail. Audit registration is not permitted on UD Travel Study. Please refer to the University Catalog to verify requirements and prerequisites. Honors credit may be available. Check with the faculty director and the Honors program for approval (check before departure). All students must enroll in at least 12 credits, as well as the 0-credit UNIV course. Courses are taught in Spanish and in English as indicated below. Students must choose one SPAN 300- or SPAN 400-level course.
Students will take a Spanish placement test upon arrival in Buenos Aires. Some of the Spanish course options are dependent on the results of this test.
Students wishing to enhance their language skills have the option of attending an intensive language program prior to the start of the semester (additional fee applies).

Please note: Courses offered are subject to change as the host institution’s scheduling may change.
ANTH 334-070: People and Cultures of Argentina (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 330 Estudios culturales Argentino
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • University History Breadth
  • Arts and Sciences - Group B
  • Discovery Learning
ARTH 249-071: Art and Architecture in Context: Contemporary Argentine Art (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 302 Arte Argentino contemporaneo
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Arts and Sciences - Group A
BUAD 472-070: Marketing, Society and Environment (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PALAS 330 Social Economy in Latin America/PEAL 373 Economica social en latinoamerica
DANC 267-070: Tango Dancing (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 260 Tango Danza
ECON 342-071: Studies in Intl Economics: Argentine Economic History (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PALAS 310 Argentine Economy
ECON 342-072: Studies in Intl Economics: Economic Integration in LatAm (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PALAS 332 Economic Intergration in LatAm
ECON 342-070: Studies in Intl Economics: Latin America in the Global Economy (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PALAS 400 Latin America in the Global Economy/PEAL 400 Latinoamerica y la economica global
HIST 366-072: Topics in Latin American History: Historia Economica (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 369 Historia economica en latinoamerica
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Arts and Sciences - Group B
HIST 366-071: Topics in Latin American History: Historia Siglo XX (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 312 Historia latinoamericana siglo XX
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Arts and Sciences - Group B
PORT 216-070: Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PORT 120 Portugues Basico
POSC 409-079: Topics in World Politics: Human Rights and Culture (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PALAS 444: Human Rights and Cultural Representations
POSC 409-071: Topics in World Politics: US/Latin American Relations (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PALAS 366 US-Latin American Relations
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Global Studies Minor
POSC 426-070: Latin American Politics (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PALAS 360 Political & Social Change in Latin America
SPAN 206-070: Culture through Conversation (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: SPAN 155: Espanol Intermedio B
SPAN 207-070: Contemporary Latin America I (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PALAS 362 Latin American Cultures and Civilizations
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • University History Breadth
  • Arts and Sciences - Group B
  • Multicultural
SPAN 207-071: Popular Culture in Argentina (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 261 Cultura popular en Argentina
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Arts and Sciences - Group B
SPAN 300-071: Advanced Spanish Composition and Grammar I (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: SPAN 220 Espanol Avanzado A
SPAN 306-072: Practical Oral/Written Expression (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: SPAN 226 Produccion Oral Avanzada
SPAN 306-071: Practical Oral/Written Expression: Expression through Film (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 264 Cine latinoameriano
SPAN 307-070: Topics in Contemporary Latin American Culture: Latin American Cultural Studies (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 262 Estudios culturales latinamericos
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • University History Breadth
  • Arts and Sciences - Group B
  • Other: Fulfills requirement for major in Spanish Studies.
SPAN 355-071: Special Topics: Argentine Literature (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 322 Literatura Argentina
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Other: Fulfills requirement for major in Spanish Studies.
SPAN 355-072: Special Topics: Latin American Literature (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 322 Literatura latinoameriana
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Other: Fulfills requirement for major in Spanish Studies.
SPAN 401-071: Advanced Spanish Composition and Grammar II (3 credits)
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Other: Fulfills requirement for major in Spanish Studies.
SPAN 406-071: Advanced Spanish Language (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: SPAN 225 Espanol Avanzado B
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Other: Fulfills requirement for major in Spanish Studies.
SPAN 455-072: Selected Authors, Works and Themes: Narratives of the Monstrous in Latin American Literature (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PEAL 442 Narrativas de lo monstruoso en latinoamerica
UNIV 373-012: Study Abroad - Buenos Aires, Argentina (0 credits) pass/fail
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Discovery Learning
WOMS 250-070: Topics in International Women's Studies: Latin America (3 credits)
Provider Equivalent: PALAS 380 Gender History in Latin America
Satisfies the following requirements:
  • Multicultural

Program Costs:

How much does it cost?.
Delaware ResidentNon-Delaware Resident
Final Tuition based on current year$6,125.00$16,440.00
Final Program Fee$7,100.00$7,100.00
UD Registration & Activities Fee$0.00$0.00
Total to be charged to UD account $13,225.00$23,540.00
Plus Airfare Estimate (purchased separately)$1,200.00$1,200.00

The rates above may not apply to you if you are a UD graduate student during the time you are studying abroad. Please refer to for the appropriate rates.

When and how do I pay?
If you are offered acceptance to the program, you will have 3 days to withdraw without financial penalty. After the 3 days have passed, you will be officially accepted to the program, and IGS will post the full Program Fee and Tuition/Fees to your UD student account.

*All students will receive an email when they are accepted to a program and will have 10 days from that notification to make their $1,000.00 Initial Payment.

Contact Information:
Maryann Rapposelli
Study Abroad Coordinator
Clayton Hall, 100 David Hollowell Drive, Newark, DE, 19716

Submit Program Application by 5pm on March 10, 2018
Recommendation also due by 5pm on March 10, 2018
Acceptance and Scholarship Announced: March 23, 2018

Interest Meetings:

Program information is subject to change at any time. Please check this web site periodically for updates.